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If you experience difficulty in tracking down the full text of any of the poems listed here, the best course of action will probably be to contact either the Poetry Society, the Poetry Book Society or the International Library of Poetry as follows:

On the latter website, use the 'Search for a poet' function at the top of the homepage. The two boxes 'Last' and 'First' refer, of course, to the last name and first name of the poet in question.

Only where the poem comes from a collection which was originally published on a modest scale and therefore likely to be particularly difficult to locate, have I given the appropriate bibliographical details.

1) A.E. Housman    A Shropshire Lad      Theme: Lost childhood
2) Thomas Hood    I remember, I remember      Theme: Lost childhood
3) Francis Scarfe    Tyne Dock      Theme: Lost childhood
4) Bernard Spencer    On the road      Theme: Moment of great happiness on a beautiful summer's day
5) Herbert Read    To a conscript of 1940      Theme: Does war ever change anything?
6) Edmund Clerihew Bentley    Lord Clive      Theme: Writing clerihews
7) Sophie Hannah    To a certain person      Theme: Sincerity and honesty
8) Elizabeth Wilson    For Graham      Theme: Qualities of best friends.
Published by the Forward Press (Peterborough, England) in the anthology 'Top 100 poets of the year', 2000. Edited by Ian Walton.
9) Michael Rosen    Chocolate Cake      Theme: Childhood misdeeds
10) Ripyard Cuddling    Geordie's Bonanza      Theme: Unlikely or fantastic events
Published by Erdesdun Publications in association with Wallsend Arts Centre in 1977 as one of a collection of poems by Ripyard Cuddling entitled 'Shipyard Muddling'.