This website was originally designed to be a help for English teachers working in the German public service and teaching both civilian and military personnel. It is hoped, though, that it may also prove useful to teachers and learners of English in other settings and other countries. Immediately below, you will find links of a general nature. For more specialised links to websites relevant to specific themes and topics, please scroll further down this homepage.

Suchmaschinen / Search Engines

Weitere Infos zu Suchmaschinen: Hier klicken
For more information on search engines, click here

Zeitungen / Newspapers


Fernsehen / Television

Verlage / Publishers

Staat und Verwaltung / Government

Glossare / Wörterbücher / Vokabeltrainer
Glossaries / Dictionaries / Vocabulary Trainers
Glossare zu bestimmten Gebieten wie z.B. Finanzen, Politik, Recht, Umwelt, Internet. Homepage bis zur Rubrik Raynet Business and Marketing Glossary herunterscrollen.

Specialist glossaries relating to finance, politics, law, environment, Internet, etc. Scroll down the homepage and then click on Raynet Business and Marketing Glossary.
Auf der Homepage die Rubrik 'Wörterbücher und Sprache' anklicken
Go to the homepage and click on 'Wörterbücher und Sprache'
Auf der Homepage das Kästchen 'Deutsch-Englisches Wörterbuch' anklicken
Go to the homepage and click on the box 'Deutsch-Englisches Wörterbuch'

Grammatik / Grammar

For 'Some thoughts on grammar', please click here

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Further useful sources of reference: click here.

Links zu bestimmten Themenbereichen:
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For links to specific topic areas,
please see below

Geoff Perrin would like to thank Gesche Sutter, Maria Veneema and Malcolm Garner for all their help and hard work in the compiling of this links list.
Themenbereiche Ausbildung und Beruf / Militärische Fragen / Sport

Topic areas Education, training and work / Military topics / Sport


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Poems for teaching English as a foreign language - please click here

Index of poems - please click here
Themenbereiche Wohnung und Unterkunft / Gesundheit und Umwelt

Topic areas Housing and accommodation / Health and environment
Themenbereiche Einkaufsmöglichkeiten / Transport und Verkehr

Topic areas Shopping / Traffic and transport


Language Testing

Language Learning and Teaching


Text Corpora and Concordancers


Themenbereiche Freizeitbeschäftigungen / Urlaub, Reisen und Tourismus / Landeskunde/  Wetter und Klima

Topic areas Leisure activities / Holiday, travel and tourism / Land and people / Weather and climate